Romain Laurendeau
  +33 (0) 6 66 25 10 54

After a photography training, Romain has contracted a Keratoconus, a disease which gradually distorted his corneas. During these years of illness, he explored intimacy, through introspective series fed by his doubts. In 2009, a corneal transplant saved his sight. It's a new birth. Since then, he has travelled extensively to document the human condition in all its social, economic and political aspects.

In a perpetual questioning on the human being and the world, he naturally develops an immersion approach by sharing his subjects daily life for months. First in Senegal, but especially in Algeria, he is directly confronted with the suffering of a population subjected to issues that go far beyond its control. In his quest for universality, absurdity and the consequences of dogmas became his favourite subjects. For more than 5 years, he followed the working class districts Youth in Algiers, telling the story of boredom, frustration and lack of dreams of these young people who consider themselves as a lost generation. A work which finally documents the underlying reasons for the revolt that Algeria is facing today.

Awards :

Winner of ISEM Award 2019
Winner of thé Photo press and public zoom Award 2013
Nominated for the Bayeux calvados war correspondent Award 2012
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